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"When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change."


Not to be gushing...but
I am so thankful and really appreciate you working with me. My muscles are warm, more loose, and pain has disappeared. I feel relaxed and not as tired and definitely in a much better mood. I am definitely spoiled. Thank you.
Cheers. Steve S
Miriam has so impressed me with her beautiful way of gentle teaching, changing it up every class. I love what she’s done with the studio, truly making it your own. Although I do not have my audio on ( due to very tiny but loud pussycat and rehabbing baby wildlife, I can be a little noisy so please trust its always a great pleasure seeing everyone and with deep gratitude say Namaste with all my ❤️to everyone at the end of the yummy feeling sessions. Please join her classes, you will thank yourself and her. Promise. 🙏🏼🌈🤗
Larisa S
Miriam loves her Yogi tribe. She brings soul, love, kindness to her classes. She emanates that as a person.
                                       Helena K
Thank you for being so amenable to my queries
Thank you Chris for your great spirit and for helping me keep my body in order
                            Evelyn F
I love how you always ask what parts are causing us issues and work on stretches that help us feel our best when we are done. Funny, kind and informative. You are a great yogi Chris!!!!!!! Thank You!
                                  Dawn P
This is a wonderful yoga studio. The instructors are knowledgeable, friendly, approachable, innovative and we look forward to each class because of them. All of the instructors are unique and strong teachers. Whether it’s Miriam or Christopher or Paul, we have a wonderful experience. I'm running faster, am more fit and more importantly more aware thanks to this studio. We are new to Port Stanley and felt welcomed and taken in right from the very beginning. We highly recommend this Connected yoga!
                                                         Stephen S & Linda R
thank you so much for sending the link I was very much looking forward to your class tonight -you bring such Grace and beauty and it’s just living poetry ❤️❤️I just wanted to send you some gratitude and just letting you know I won’t be there this evening and that I greatly appreciate you offering and sending me the link even thought I am not there regularly :) 
Sending warm wishes your way :) 
In Gratitude 
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