Miriam Kleinsasser


        Growing up in a farming town in Saskatchewan, I am used to and love small communities. I have always loved and respected animals and nature,  I feel very connected with animals and they are very grounding for me. Being from Saskatchewan, I was never really around a large body of water but like so many people,  I fell in love with Port Stanley and the people that live here. I love meeting new people and helping people. My goal in yoga is to create yoga classes to help people connected to themselves and find in a yoga practice what I have come to find.


Yoga has allowed me to focus on myself and quiet my mind. I always feel I can just let of the go and be one with the mat, which is very important because of all the distractions in our society today. We do yoga to get to know who we are and what we need live a balanced lifestyle. The human body amazes me more every day. I always look forward to learning more about how we are connected to our mind and body and I hope to share this adventure with all new and existing yogis.

Connected Yoga ties everything together. The people that we connect with and get to know and grow with. Just as our body grows and becomes more flexible and stronger so does our mind.

We are all connected one way or another.

"When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change."

Christopher Donnelly

From playing hockey in high school through wrestling, football, and a weight room. Christopher enjoyed lifting heavy weights but at age 16 he started kickboxing, and being big didn't help him. His kickboxing instructor introduced him to Judo and Karate. He feels in love with Karate and has been training Karate ever since. After receiving his first black belt Chris was introduced to Tia Chi which helped him become more relaxed, calm and composed as well as learned the to be soft, smooth, and recognize his breath.

A few years ago Christopher was introduced to Yoga and after awhile offered an opportunity to take a 200-hour teacher training.
Almost instantly Yin seemed to speak to him. The practice of Yin has helped Chris overcome his personal injuries and realize personal limitations and find flexibility.
Yin is calming, it teaches us to truly listen to the silent voice of our bodies.

Paul Donelan

A little bit of yoga makes the world go round. Paul lives in St. Thomas and works with groups to promote cohesion in a yoga class. Paul invites a "Revolution of the Mind" believing that change is here.

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